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You May Need A Sound System for Your Ceremony...

We’ve all been to a wedding ceremony where the Bride and Groom’s beautiful words to each other just could not be heard, either

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because there wasn't sound system present or, the sound system provided was not adequate nor was it operated by a qualified soundman.

We own and operate a professional sound company, and have put together custom-designed sound systems specifically for wedding ceremonies. Our sound systems are the result of years of performing weddings at various venues where there was awful “ringing” feedback, wind noise, and/or the Bride and Groom simply could not be heard at all.

We offer couples a small, yet powerful and unobtrusive battery-powered sound system with a very unique microphone for your ceremony. It requires no electrical power so it can be set up at any location. I include a professional, qualified soundman to ensure that the sound is perfectly balanced at all times.

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Our microphones, unlike the standard hand-held or lapel-type microphones you may be familiar with, is specifically designed to pick up speaking voices at a distance. It is positioned on a thin stand about waist high instead of near your faces, so as not to obscure your photographs. You don’t have to lean in to the microphone to be heard. You can just speak normally and your guests will hear you loud and clear. It’s almost as if the microphone wasn’t even there!

A sound system is suggested for outdoor or indoor weddings with more than 50 guests in attendance, especially if they are seated in chairs in rows. Remember, you DO NOT have to rent the sound system that is offered by the venue. They are frequently overpriced and inadequate, designed more for playing DJ music than for a wedding ceremony.

Also, beware of any DJ company that they can just “set up a microphone” for the ceremony. This standard setup will always require 1) the microphone be held by the officiant and pointed at the Bride and Groom while they are saying their vows. This can be awkward and a bit nerve-wracking for the Bride and Groom who may already be a little bit nervous... or 2) the microphone is on a stand. Since the microphone is uni-directional and typically pointed at the officiant, it will only pick up the officiant's voice, not yours. In addition, it will be seen in your photographs and overall, really takes away from the beauty of your ceremony.

Light classical background music and traditional processional and recessional music is included at no charge. We would also be happy to play any music that you supply.

We are happy to have the opportunity to offer an affordable alternative to our brides and grooms to help them have a perfect, stress-free ceremony that everyone can hear!

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