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Trivia Game that combines Education + Entertainment = The newest sensation in Team Building, also known as "Entertrainment"

Introducing the hottest team building program in the country. TriviaPalooza. This new team building game has redefined the term "Team Building."

Using many of the traditional concepts of Team Building, the creators of TriviaPalooza have developed a way to re-design team building to produce greater results.

It has been proven that combining entertainment with education changes the way in which people learn! This new training concept is known as "Entertrainment"

How Does TriviaPalooza Work 

We begin our Trivia competition begin by dividing your team into equal groups people.  If you had 100 people, we would create ten groups of ten people.   

Each group will be given a team trivia packet and instructed to pick a team captain. 

There are four rounds with ten questions each.  The TH round is the interactive bonus round that is designed to engage the entire group into forcing the leaders to surface.   

Each round will have a different category, such as: movies, television, music, sports as well as your own customized questions.  

Each team receives a custom game kit with answer sheets and physical challenges, pencils and a few other surprises.

Trivia Competition Corporate Events Boston Ma

Each round is point rated and the physical challenges have a higher point value. Each round consists of ten questions and one physical challenge.  The final round is the big round with ten musical challenges and is the most exciting round. 

Once the scores have been tallied, the winning team is granted the right to come to the middle of the room and boast their new title as being the smartest people in the world. 

They are presented with TriviaPalooza trophies and invited to join in the team photo for all to see. 

We do have a twist to the entire program which remains a secret.  We certainly cannot divulge the entire program but we will be glad to explain all the details in person. 
Click here to fill in our event form and one of our event facilitators will contact you to discuss how we may be of further assistance. 

TriviaPalooza is the perfect tool for generating fun and excitement during any event and is guaranteed to deliver the message of working as a team.  

Each one of our TriviaPalooza facilitators are very fun and interactive and are masters in the art of trivia competitions.  

Boston Corporate Trivia Contest

Package A: $650.00 Includes: authorized TriviaPalooza facilitator, customized game sheets, pens, questions, three round of customized questions and lasts about one hour. 

Package B: $1500.00 Includes: Same as package A with five rounds including a bonus round plus: digital photographer to capture the event. You are provided with a DVD at the end of the event to share with your entire team. 

Package B: $3500.00 Includes: Same as package B with five rounds plus: 60" LCD screen to project the trivia question as well as video questions, one free DVD montage of the outrageous pictures from the event.  

We offer a few more packages on request.  If you would like to speak to a facilitator, Click Here and we will be happy to contact you at your convenience. 

Remember, Teams that play together, stay together! 

Here are a couple questions for you!  Let's see if you know the answer the answers too these questions. 

What was the name of the Indian that stands at the foot of the stairs in the bar Cheers? 
What is the name of the dog in the Brady Bunch? 
How many Mexicans live in Mexico? 

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Music Trivia.

Music trivia from all eras. Our facilitators will read a verse from a song and the teams are asked to name them. Don't be fooled however, it is not as easy as it sounds.

Corporate Trivia.

A perfect opportunity to educate your team about the company. You will be amazed at what they don't know.

Physical Challenges.

Each team is judged on their involvement in the game and awarded points. But, when they are given a physical challenge, that's when the real fun begins.

Mind Benders

You are traveling to the North Pole by sled, but your huskies are too enthusiastic and you overshoot the Pole slightly. Will east be to your left or right? This is a challenging mind game.


Client Testimonials

  • Words cannot explain what you did for our daughter. Her wedding was the most wonderful day and we owe it all to you. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.
    Loraine Laverti

  • Wow!!! What else can I say accept, Spectacular. You guys were fantastic
    Jacob Robins

  • Johnny K Kept the energy level very high. Lots of laughs. The kids had a blast! Couldn't have asked for a better entertainer.
    Tracey Maimon

  • I have received feedback from many employees who had a great time and they recognized that the MC is a major contributor to a fantastic function. I will definitely call Pure Energy Entertainment (and request Mark as the MC) for our next function.
    Deb Mosesso

  • I would recommend Pure Energy to anyone needing a dj. Really pleased with Angel Torres.
    Jaime Sciarappa

  • Incredible...Simply Incredible.
    Dr. Michael Kaminer

  • Johnny knows how I feel about his business. He always gives 150% percent. He treats every party like its the best party he has ever done. It makes the host and hostess feel great. The guest of honor, my son Sam, had the best night of his life.
    Tobi Marram

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